Sweetest Rapture

My first breath

My first glance

A rarity amongst magnolias

Silken hair exudes unwavering grace

To unravel the mystery of you

Engulfed by sweetest rapture



Wind whispers your sweet name

Time stands, unrivaled

Starving without your touch

Wind whispers your sweet name


My Greatest Disguise

Memories few worth remembering

Scent fades as stillness grows

To love but not in love my greatest disguise

As solitude stares at its reflection

Forgiving me for what I have become



Pleasure sings your praise

Intoxicated, longing until I’m recognized

All that I am

Constant reminders of you



Beauty overshadows affliction

For one moment, loneliness 

Wanted and constantly denied



Never a greater crime committed

Unconditional grows silent

Not a day passes I don’t reminisce



Familiar summers past

Delicate cultivates, unwavering

Windswept nurturing embrace

Comparing all to you

Lovers wait for love to appear



Woman of unparalled grace

Shelter from the ominous

As long as we both are alive

We will surrender


Waiting Room

Wait from afar

Until the day

Into my life



Moonlight exposed flesh

Enchanted woman of my hue

Crooners singing our praise

Contemplating inhibitions

I should have made you my wife

Spending each day thereafter

As if it was our first night



World will remember you

As the muse of my praise

Inspiration of my life



Our souls take flight

Never wake

From beautiful dream



Pursuit of sustenance

Endures magnificence

Loneliness cascades

Promise resonates


As I Long

Devour fleeting glimpses reviled

Sheltering night grows jealous

Anticipate cogitation enduring

As I long for your companionship



Cultivating boyish nature

Pain descends inward

Human dilemma malignant

Passive innocence naive



Delicate rapture

Devouring disdain 

Radiance permeates

In silent thought


I Want You

I want you in the worst way



Apart from falsities

Awoke, staring at my lover asleep

Curious is she’s dreaming about me



Beneath familiar compositions

Symphony number 9 swells

Within each passing note

Solitude before monsoon



Luminous bewildered

Yesteryear lingers

Afar until this moment

As you walk away

Earth beneath feet



Pleasures doctrine

Windswept, adrift

Parts sweet lips



Unveiling shorelines

As I glance outward 

Sail without affection

Standing, afraid to swim



Wanting fills loneliness

Inviting me in, disarming

Enchantment fades



Two roads


Reasons, unfamiliar

I stand  


You remain



As I await in anticipation

Captivated by all that defines

Longing for your scent, engulfed


Hidden Meanings

Alone in crowded room sweet voices touch

Searching to dissolve hidden meanings

Time grows in our favor with each breath

Man is not complete without a woman

Whispering sweetness dutifully in her presence


Afraid of Devotion

Mellifluous voice obstructs my consequence

Loathsome and exorbitant maliciousness

Fearful to fondness and afraid of devotion

Emptiness filled with superficial elixirs

I confess the frailty of my convictions

Steadfast against all that withers away



Rarity amongst coarse stones

Supple nectars entice the senses 

Sensual and passionate embrace

Intertwined, completely, divinely

To give one's self I'd sacrifice all


A Fool

Do not deed yourself undeserving of praise

Only a fool in love with his image would resist



Feelings adrift

Waking morning embrace

I will always worship you


Definition of Us

As I whisper your sweet name

I surrender

The definition of us

What lovers dream about


Self Hatred Becoming Self Love  

A withering April flower wondrous and magnificent

Unlearning self-hatred slowly becoming self-love

Beautiful lips engulf my being and cascades into my heart

Familiar touch soothes my restlessness

Each passing day I’m not in your presence is empty and bare

Harvesting magnificence I can never be lost


Dream Awake

Attempts to dream awake

In the realms of my senses

I reflect

For you are the earth

Beguile me with your subtle nature

Admiration will never waiver

Sleep and dream of life

A life that knows only bounty

For I am one with you

You are one of us

As in this life, in the beginning


A meaningful charade


Holding my breath

As I pass from one to another 

I wonder am I or I am

When to let go



I’ve been searching for you my entire life, all I ask is for one chance



On this day we make a promise to become one

A commitment to be honored and respected until our last breath

Unlike yesterday’s path that leads to unfamiliar territories we have alas found each other

For in this life we are born alone and so shall we die by the same accord

Woman you are a wondrous and magnificent beauty, a rarity

Man you are the essence of humanity that embraces mankind

Together you and I no longer separated by differences but blessed by commonality

The harvest is abundant so shall we reap the vast fruits of your love

The reward of a glorious union between woman and man is now and forever known as husband and wife



I lie awake

Searching fleeting moments

First day of the season

Harvesting nectar of being

I await

As I stare upon reflections 

We are no longer alone

No longer against the tide

No longer in poverty

No longer in fear

No longer in failure

All has vanished

For in this day forgotten


Never Forget

For as long as I am, you are

For as long as you are, I am



Scathing neighbors tear at her distress

Distance devours tenacity

Familiar continues hauntingly

Silence in decline and dysfunction



In a complex predicament at a loss

There you exist 

Familiar to an end


The Sheltering Sky

Ruminate on your affection

Awoken by perfume unrivaled

Cultivating pleasure and content

All I am from this day forward

The sheltering sky

The Night

The Wind

I am your captive

No longer alone

Provoked by recollections


In The Shadows

Flowing outwards
My affliction emerges
In the shadows
Endless and enduring 


Do not deed yourself undeserving of praise
Only a fool in love with his image would resist


Hold Dear

Opulence of thoughts sustain and become all that we fear and hold dear


A Rarity

I stand still


A rarity, you remain




Beauty admires her superficiality, waiting for her lover to reappear

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